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If anyone still reads my little page on the web you’ll have noticed (or maybe not) my absence lately. I’ve had some issues to deal with in my personal life. I had over time, moved out of my mother’s home and am now back and living in her den but for awhile I had been homeless. Being homeless means no internet. Hopefully you won’t take this the wrong way but when you sleep in your car you don’t even think or give a shit about a blog on the internet that strangers may or may not read.

But now that I have a semi-permanent roof over my head and a blow up mattress to sleep on I think I’ll get back into it. My things are currently in a storage unit, which makes it hard to do witchy and/or crafty things but I am actually working on a posting and will be trying super hard to get back into that. I still do a lot of hiking and collecting but I haven’t had much time to work on spells, The Craft or either of my books.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my altar, packed up neatly in my little “travel chest” that is falling apart. I suppose, I will have to get a new one. I got sucked into the craziness that is Etsy and Pinterest in trying to gain some ideas for a new chest. This one was one I found at a Dollar General for $10 in Florida when I lived there. I needed somewhere to hide some things and this was extremely unassuming. I’d like one with handles though. Perhaps I’ll just re-vamp this one, add some handles and make a post out of it?

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