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Questions From Youtube Comments Answered (LATE)

Hello everyone,
Forever ago, I posted a video flip through of my Book of Shadows on youtube, like almost two years ago and I just discovered today that people actually commented on the video. So I never approved the comments and I never responded to any questions placed in those comments. I feel like such a jerk! Apparently there were 21 of them they went into the Social tab in Gmail and I never looked at it. It never told me a number in the tab so I just ignored it and if it wasn’t in my main inbox I didn’t see it.

So I went ahead and answered all of them and took a screenshot of each one so you don’t need to go to my youtube channel unless you’d really like to and subscribe (HEADS UP: I am going to be doing another vlog soon). I’m posting them on my blog with names and pictures removed (although I guess that’s kind of silly because if you go on my youtube channel you can see exactly who posted what) to give some anonymity to the authors.

The other comments were compliments or suggestions or “you say um a lot” (-_-) so I didn’t include them here. Sorry to those who posted questions and seemingly never received a reply. I doubt at this time you even remember commenting but I’m going to be more vigilant about approving and replying to comments.

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