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10 Altar Boxes To Make You Drool

Merry Meet!

After my last post, I started to go on Pinterest and Etsy and I discovered that there are many different ideas of portable altars and chests. So I thought I’d post a few for you to gawk at!

This chest has everything in it one would need on a traditional altar. Herbs, a tiny pestle and mortar, a smudging bowl, candles, stones and enough space to put in a tiny spell book.
Via Pinterest
This one also has the elements from above, but they raise it some decor and a bell.
Via Pinterest
This altar box seems to be geared towards a specific spell or purpose so technically this one would be considered a spell kit,
but I’m not going to let that stop me from including it because it is gorgeous.
This one has room for a chalice, wand and pendulum.
Via Pinterest
This box can fit in some candles, a small spell book, pictures, candles and it looks as though it locks with a skeleton key.
Does it even get better than that? Oh wait, vintage feel. Yes, I guess it does and no, it doesn’t look like a prop or anything.
Via Pinterest
Another vintage and traditional style, however this one looks like it is capable of holding a small to medium sized jar.
Perfect for doing spell work outside.Via Pinterest
This looks like a re-purposed jewelry box, which may mean you’ve got everything needed to make it.
All you need are the vials from Hobby Lobby I told you about in my post about Pocket Altars.
Via Pinterest

$125 via Etsy
This altar box is focused more along the lines of Hoodoo and Santeria, but still might be up your alley and it’s definitely a different style than the others here. It also looks like it was made from an old cigar box, which is an interesting idea.
Makes it flat, compact and easy to store.
My only question is whether or not more traditional Pagan/Wiccan elements would fit in such a box or would the lid pop up?
The other question would be securing the lid when and if you need to pack it away in a suitcase?

$185 via Etsy
I think this is the biggest altar set up I’ve seen on Etsy, even if it looks a little… well, messy!
The box is rather plain but that just means you can decorate it to your personal taste so for me that’s a plus.
Lots of handmade things; all the bells (tehehe) and whistles in this kit.
Here’s the one major thing I dislike: See the brown, poop colored things in the top left? Those are two HEADLESS, crude and rather Play-Doh inspired statues that are supposed to the the God & Goddess.  I love handmade things, but they kind of put me off. They sell the statues by themselves as well, which is how I got a good look at what was included (plus the other photos on the listing). I don’t want to be rude or insensitive as they aren’t my taste but I cannot see someone buying them.
It’s also coming from France so beware the cost of shipping
(lots of things means weight & weight plus distance equals lots of money and customs fees!)
Other than those two things, this is the best kit you’ll probably ever get as a newbie or a veteran.
P.S: You could probably put it in as a buyer note that you do not want the statuary figures and I’m sure they’d remove them
$99 via Etsy
This one is my favorite, if you read the listing (provided it is still up)
it’s extremely comprehensive and reminds me of my own altar box,
minus the herbs, oils and the pendulum – which reminds me….
$56 via Etsy
This is a Buddhist altar, so if Buddha is your God of choice, then this altar is for you!
Also, this ships from Italy so beware the shipping costs!

Do you think you could build your own, from things you have if you just had the right thing to place all of your stuff in? Or would you prefer to purchase one already made and supplied with things you might need? There is a lot of care and thought put into making a portable altar and some may not want the fuss. It could be used as a starter kit for those who do not know 100% what they will need in the beginning, especially if you were like me and young when you start out on your path. Some people are brought up in strict homes where their parents do not care if their religion does not fit their children and might not be accepting so the secrecy is necessary. Either way I do not judge, I’m just curious about others opinions on these.

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