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It has been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s been awhile since I’ve even practiced if I am honest. I’ve had one helluva year and there have been lots of changes. For one thing, I no longer live in California. I recently made a move to Texas. I’m not sure how that fits into my life plan or what that means for me as a witch since I’m told Texas is extremely conservative yet the people I’ve met seem to me to be highly progressive and more liberal than I expected. Perhaps I just picked a good area to call my new home. I start a new job next week, which is excellent since the well of funds has dried up.

The reason for my move is highly personal and extremely delicate. There was a lot of darkness that I had to pull myself out of. One of my bracelets, my favorite bracelet (it offered me lots of protection) has broken. Maybe a sign that it held too much negativity from my old life and old habits and it needed to be broken.

I’ve recently become ill since it broke. Maybe there was something following me and since the protection of the bracelet has gone it was able to settle on me. I’m resting heavily and doing a bit of cleansing.

The new move puts me back with people I love. People who won’t take care of me but won’t harm me either and it’s something I desperately need. I am working on re-creating a sacred space. I am working on being able to practice. I have more freedom here than I did when I was living in my car. I kept a traveling altar with me, the one I had made a post about, had put on Instagram and even the Facebook page. I’ve been using the Facebook page more so you should check that out and even like it. 🙂

Our favorite holiday is coming soon and here there will be a change of seasons. I am excited for that, to practice and to experience a change in actual weather. I think it will help me reconnect with Mother Nature and let her heal the wounds that aren’t of my flesh but in my soul. It still grieves my old life, the connections I severed and the sea. I honestly believe my soul hates that I moved away from the sea more than anything else. So weird that a fire sign clings so heavily to water, that which would smoother it and put it out, but it does. Maybe because it balances me and keeps me in check and that is the one thing my soul needs sometimes. When you burn so bright for so long you get tired, but knowing nothing else you just keep going. You need to hit a wall in order to stop and rest or else you burn out and there is no coming back from that.

I will be spending a lot of time working through the facebook page and most likely not a lot in here until I am settled into the new place and have properly felt out the area I am in. I’ve googled a few new age/metaphysical stores in the area. There seem to be at least three within a decent driving distance and so once I know if I can get supplies locally I may become a bit more adventurous and have some things to post. I’m just thankful to have internet again!

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