Witchy Tips for Easing Mental Illness.

I’ve been putting off writing on this topic because it’s a hard one for me. It involves being highly personal, which is something I have been avoiding with the blog. But I think it is time that I share that I suffer from mental illness and divulge some of my witchy tips for helping curb my depression.

Yes, that is right. I have major depression (recurrent), which is just a fancy way for saying it goes away and then comes back. I never know how long each phase will last. So that brings on my generalized anxiety disorder, and ever since my dad died, I’ve had PTSD. Mainly, I fear people leaving me because it piles on my mother being absent in my early development and then my dad during my adolescence and now when it happens as an adult, everything compounds and explodes in beautiful technicolor.

For months (in fact for almost a year) I’ve been in a major depressive episode. It came to a head when my boyfriend all-of-a-sudden dumped me, and I tried to take my own life. Since then, I have been struggling. I’ve been trying to reconnect to my spirituality, with my ancestors and the Earth. These are the steps I have been taking to help ease myself out of this phase and move into the next one. These have helped me ease my mental illness.

First, I always wear protection in the form of Onyx (the longer you wear it and have constant contact with your body, the better). I have my ancestral amber ring, which after a minor issue where it broke, I mended it and preformed a new spell* to reconnect it to my ancestors to provide me strength and protection against all things meant to weaken or harm me.** I now wear it too.

Second, I made a perfume for each intention, and I will share the basic recipe and you can customize it to your own intention (protection, self-love, success, etc).

In my anti-anxiety blend I combined
Pine, rosemary and verbena essential oils with sweet almond oil.
I also added a sprig of rosemary for aesthetic purposes.

Then I made sure that I spent more time in nature and connecting with the last time I felt powerful. The last time I felt powerful was when I was little. My connection to the cosmic was better, and my Sight was stronger. It’s that version of myself that I need to be now. I spend a lot of time in the cornfields I used to play in and the woods near my old house that I recharge.

Next, I have a lovely sachet to go under my pillow that focuses on rewiring the subconscious thoughts from being negative into positive ones.** I combined my spirituality with things I learned in therapy about reframing. I had to do this because after I put my protection in place, my dreams started to become nightmares and it was causing me to lose sleep, which made it easier for someone to take me down. Even if that someone is my sick mind.

If you suck at sewing, you can use fabric glue instead.
You can also put them in a reusable tea bag or organza bag.
Just make sure you match the color to the intention.
Purple, Black or White would be best.

Finally, I had to consecrate my home, and I keep a lighter and sage by my door to smudge myself before I even come inside. The negativity from a long day will not come home with me. My house is my safe space, literally.

*Moon Phases, Day of the Week, Herbs, Oils, Candles, etc all have a purpose. You can learn more in my Intro to Witchcraft Free ebook!
** For the purpose of this specific post: I used Pine, rosemary and verbena for my perfume. I used a black organza bag over a reusable tea bag for my sachet, which contained small amethyst chips, lavender, sweet grass and rice. I made both my perfume and sachet on a Saturday during a dark moon.

What are some things you do to protect yourself?

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