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How To Make Your Own Witches Brew

Witches Brew comes in many different forms. Around Halloween it is typically a punch kind of drink, sometimes with alcohol and sometimes without. This type I would not recommend drinking. Bring your cauldron, we’re brewing herbs.

I have a few recipes that I use regularly that I want to share. One is a protection for the home, because you know, protection spells are what I do best. I also do one for self-love because I have a lot of mental health issues and I struggle with loving myself enough to seek the help I need for those issues. The other is a really good potpourri to brew around the holidays that makes your home smell wonderful and even your non-witchy friends will appreciate and ask you for the recipe!

Directions for each are simple. I recommend having a dedicated stock pot just for brewing these as you won’t want to cook food in it. A cast iron pot would also work and be so close to an actual cauldron you might just fork over the big bucks for one.

To start, you’ll want to start out with at least 2 cups of water. Then add your ingredients and finally simmer to release the fragrant energy. Depending on how long you would like the fragrance to last, you’ll want to keep adding more water throughout the day as needed.

Witches Brew For Protection

This is one of my favorites to have going when I move into a new place. Especially if using a Banishing Sweep during a House or Apartment Cleaning Ritual is not ideal. It does not take the place of smudging. So make sure that you smudge or otherwise cleanse your home before putting your protection in place or you defeat the purpose.

Protection Witches Brew

Ingredients for Protection Witches Brew

  • 4 TBSP Whole Rosemary
  • 3 Whole Bay Leaves
  • 1 TBSP Whole Basil
  • 1 TBSP Whole Sage
  • 1 TBSP Whole Fennel
  • 1 TSP Whole Dill Seed
  • 2 TSP Whole Juniper Berries

There are several chants that you can use as you throw in and mix your ingredients. I highly recommend writing your own that is used for this specific purpose. If you plan to consecrate any items with the brew, you’ll want to bring the mixture to a boil and let the steam run over the times. I do not recommend this because the steam will be hot and could damage the items. Let’s not forget the most important part, it will burn your skin if you’re holding it, so I highly suggest using a wooden spoon or a strainer to hold the item over the steam.

Witches Brew For Self-Love

This one comes in handy when you’re just feeling down on yourself. Maybe you have a date coming up and you want to be at your best. Brew some of this, while listening to your Get Pumped Song… you know like “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” or you can always pick one of my two favorites. “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child or “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart. I know such a weird dynamic, but that’s me.

Self-Love Witches Brew

Ingredients for Self-Love Witches Brew

  • 3 TBSP Rose Petals
  • 2 TBSP Chamomile
  • 1 TBSP Coriander
  • 1 TBSP Lavender
  • 1 TSP Cinnamon
  • 1/2 Vanilla Bean

You can chant positive affirmations like “I’m a bad ass witch” or “Don’t forget, NAME, you’re a Goddess in your own right.” My favorite right now is “You didn’t come this far to only come this far” and I got that from an Instagram post. If positive affirmations are too Hocus Pocus for you then make yourself a play list and have that playing. Send me an email I can forward you mine from Spotify or send you some recommendations based on what you like genre wise. As you can tell from above, my tastes are quite diverse. TLC’s “Unpretty” would be really good for this but not sure if you want that on repeat.

For The Basic Witch

Ok, don’t take this the wrong way. You’re not basic if you use this one. This is just your standard, I don’t have an intent I just want my house to smell nice kind of batch. I didn’t have anything clever to name is, hence “basic witch.” If it makes you feel better, I have a wristlet and a cup that say “basic witch” on them so it’s a pot calling the kettle black kind of thing right?

Basic Witch Witches Brew

Ingredients for Basic Witch Witches Brew

  • 1 Lemon (Sliced)
  • 1 Orange (Sliced)
  • 1 Apple (Sliced)
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 5 Whole Star Anise

I do not have any recommendations for chants or songs on this particular recipe but if you aren’t brewing this with purpose then it doesn’t really matter. This particular mixture would make a great gift if you can it, then add some fun labels and appropriate colored ribbon. These recipes only yield one use but you can double or triple them to make them larger for multiple gifts.

I would advise against making any of the brews with intention and gifting them to someone unless you have asked permission for that person to do something in their honor. Forcing magic on someone isn’t something I believe is morally right, no matter the good intentions. You can always say something like “I would like to make you this wonderful smelling potpourri, it will help with XYZ and make your house smell amazing too.”

Take your pick of which one you need or want. Even better create your own little chant to sing while you stir your witches brew. You can also separate your mixture into jars and place around your home to let the magical intend spread around or carry the pot with potholders while fanning the scent outward.

How To Make Witches Brew

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