5 Tutorials From Other Crafty Witches

I thought with this lovely resurgence of interest in the Craft, a new wave of bloggers would step in to replace the ones who have fallen out of love with blogging and have taken their stories back to their broom closet with them. Turns out, not so easy to find. I have compiled a list of my favorite Witchy Crafts from other Crafty Witches.

1. Moody Moons – Triple Moon Pillow Tutorial

This tutorial might be one of my favorites. It is a little hard to follow because of lack of detail and photos, but I am over informational so that might be a personal preference thing. I am a terrible seamstress. I am not sure how I passed Home Economics but I imagine I had some help from my friends. I know if I attempted this pillow it wouldn’t look half as cute. You can find the tutorial here.

2. The Traveling Witch – Ritual Candle DIY

Ritual Candles
Source: Unsplash @MarksofMana

I really enjoy Avery’s writing style over at The Traveling Witch. This one doesn’t seem to be directly from her, but rather a guest post. It is missing some action photos and is more information and instruction heavy. Either way the blog is valuable and I highly recommend clicking around and finding a few other articles to read. You won’t be sorry. You can find the tutorial here.

3. Ariel Hart – Lisa Frank Tarot Cards

Then there is this lovely Tarot Deck DIY that I couldn’t pass up. It isn’t exactly from another Crafty Witch BUT it is related. Who wants to combine their childhood nostalgia with their craft? This girl. It matches one half of my personality. I constantly struggle with balancing the ridiculously loud and colorful side with my dark and moody stereotypical Witch aesthetic. I’ve got cards for both sides now. Thank you Ariel Hart! You can find the download for the graphics and the tutorial on how to get your own deck here.

4. DIY Pagan – All Natural Yule Wreath

Next up, is a tutorial for those who have Christian friends and will be participating in that lovely tradition that is Christmas. You can make your own Yule Wreath (and be a sneaky witch) since it is used for both religions as decor. You can find the tutorial for this lovely wreath here.

5. Handmade Charlotte – DIY Wall Hanging

I might actually make a tutorial on and improve this because it took me forever to find this particular style once I saw a tutorial for it. You can find the tutorial here – it doesn’t show how to make the one pictured but it does give you links to various others which might interest you.

You would think with as many DIY blogs are out there and as many Witch, Witchcraft, Wiccan or Pagan blogs are out there. Finding a number as small as 5 tutorials would be easy but it wasn’t. A lot of bloggers blog about their experience, some want to be elitist and talk about real versus fake and I’m just searching around for other Crafty Witches who can get creative with glue, popsicle sticks and some herbs.

What are your favorite DIY blogs?
Should I do a blog post adapting DIY’s to Witchcraft?

Comment below.

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    1. The artist made the artwork for them but not the cards themselves. The tutorial shows how to make them on a website called Mark Your Own Cards. You can make Tarot or playing cards with your own artwork if so inclined!

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