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How To Make A Tincture

I found a pretty simple and easy to follow set of directions for making tinctures. The source is located at the bottom of the page so please let it be known that I am simply sharing a bit of information but I did not create it. Tinctures are suitable for extracting plant and herb essences …

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How To Press Flowers Using Books

Greetings everyone! One of my favorite ways to add some spirit and life to the pages of my book of shadows is to press flowers and then add those pressed flowers to the spell pages. When I discovered this as a way to add some decor and magical properties to my pages I have become …

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BOS Rituals

Merry Mabon

Greetings I say to you on this very special day. My altar with a few decorations, ready for Mabon! Today I trimmed my Grams rose bushes and as I did I took for myself the finest of Flora’s petals and thanked her for her blessings and her beauty and asked for aid in any magical …

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How You Can Learn About and Use Runes For Divination

Runes are another great way to communicate. If you can write in Runic I applaud you. I haven’t particularly had the time or desire to learn it. I’m more interested in the divination aspect of Runes. Below is a tiny chart that gives the meanings behind the runes.  Ways to Read the Runes (From Tara …

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