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Spells: Write, Beg, Borrow or Steal?

I came upon an interesting topic on a few forums. The initial post always deals with some kind of warning or disclaimer in the general direction of good spells or bad spells. Bad in the sense of unrealistic, “fluffy,” misleading, ect versus spells geared towards doing bad, like hexes and curses (more on that later). …

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How To Press Flowers Using Books

Greetings everyone! One of my favorite ways to add some spirit and life to the pages of my book of shadows is to press flowers and then add those pressed flowers to the spell pages. When I discovered this as a way to add some decor and magical properties to my pages I have become …

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Spell Page Inspiration

EDIT: Due to the popularity of this page there is now a Label titled “Spell Page Inspiration” at the top. Any post I create that relates to spell pages, especially tutorials on how to re-create these masterpieces will be filed in there. It would behoove you to read it! If you are looking for some …

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