Witchy Tips for Easing Mental Illness.

I’ve been putting off writing on this topic because it’s a hard one for me. It involves being highly personal, which is something I have been avoiding with the blog. But I think it is time that I share that I suffer from mental illness and divulge some of my witchy tips for helping curb …

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How To Make A Tincture

I found a pretty simple and easy to follow set of directions for making tinctures. The source is located at the bottom of the page so please let it be known that I am simply sharing a bit of information but I did not create it. Tinctures are suitable for extracting plant and herb essences …

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Tutorial Tuesday: Pocket Altars

Hello friends! Some time ago I was going through a bit of a nature phase. I always go through phases but I was really into it. You might remember since I had a bunch of tutorials on making a flower press, pressing the flowers in a press, pressing flowers in books, ect. Well, I had …

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